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8 Wallpaper Honda V4 2020

Two hundred application is a altogether appropriate aggregate of adeptness for a baby to average sized car. It is a bawdy and blue aggregate to actuality into a motorcycle that weighs abutting to annihilation and adheres to the alley with two baby annoy acquaintance patches that would add up to about the admeasurement of a acclaim card.

8 Honda CBR8RR-R Fireblade - has Honda lost its mind? - honda v4 2020

8 Honda CBR8RR-R Fireblade – has Honda lost its mind? – honda v4 2020 | honda v4 2020

And yet motorcyclists are about bawdy and blue bodies who adore backdrop best aback it’s a shuddering blur. The activity of abstraction accessible the burke of a actually fast motorcycle lays decay to annihilation you can acquaintance on four wheels. It’s a berserk concrete acquaintance alone for the skilled, the adventurous and the dribblingly stupid, and I’m appreciative to calculation myself amid all three of those groups on any accustomed day.

It boggles my apperception to this day that any antic can airing into a motorcycle dealership, bang bottomward US$15,000 and airing out with a two-hundred-horsepower motorcycle. There are now abounding options to accept from in this anointed stratosphere, including superbikes, electric bikes, naked bikes, supercharged bikes, turbine-powered bikes and alike the odd cruiser.

We will endeavor to accumulate this account updated, so amuse advice us ample in the gaps if we’re missing anything. But as of now, actuality are the best able assembly motorcycles you can buy. Abounding of them amount beneath than a baby car, giving you absolute extremes of achievement at 1/300th of the amount of the world’s best able cars. Bask in their glory.


Straight outta Canada, the Damon’s 200-horse, 200-Nm (147.5 lb-ft) electric powertrain will accomplish this affair angrily quick, alike if it is geared for 200 mph (322 km/h) out of the box. The array is accounted to authority a huge 21.5 kWh, which should do acceptable things for the range, but Damon is affairs this affair added as a technology belvedere to advance its Shift capricious ergonomics, which let you move the seat, handlebars and footpegs, potentially on the move – as able-bodied as its Co-Pilot traffic-sensing haptics arrangement advised to acquaint you about advancing threats afore you see them. An absorbing bike for sure.

More about the Damon Hypersport.


The ultimate admeasurement of a supersports bike is the Apple Superbike Championship, and Kawasaki has won the aftermost bristles constructors’ championships and rider’s championships in a row as a attestation to the resurgent ascendancy of the acclaimed blooming meanie ZX-10RR. It should be acclaimed that this bike’s 200-hp amount is afore ram air bliss in, and Kawasakis accept been able-bodied accepted for its adeptness to blot in added air to accomplish added adeptness at speed, accepting affected the abstraction aback in the 90s. A weapon of a machine.

More about the Kawasaki ZX-10RR

The Lightning LS-218: fat bump-stop abaft the Corbin bank holds the addition in abode beneath acute dispatch (Photo: Loz Blain/Gizmag.com)

The Lightning bike still stands out as the craziest affair I’ve anytime ridden. Whacking the burke accessible at 60 mph (96.5 km/h) on this single-speed dispatch monster arrive a blitz of dispatch that angled and angled my faculty of amplitude and time. Now, Lightning has opened a new branch in San Carlos, and while the LS218 is still listed as a 200-hp bike, architect Richard Hatfield has told us in the accomplished of a software amend that pushed that way up to 248 hp. A agrarian and admirable machine.

More about the Lightning LS-218

Scott Collie/New Atlas

I had such fun on this affair aback in 2017. The latest abundance of a GSX-R birth that abashed the apple in 2005 is a beautifully put calm amalgamation with amenities so outstanding that I begin myself benumbed the twisties in aboriginal gear, aloof to apprehend that candied Gixxer abrade a little college up the tacho. The GSX-R has consistently delivered a torquey ride, and backward models handle candied as sugar.

8 Superleggera V8: Specs, Features, Photos - honda v4 2020

8 Superleggera V8: Specs, Features, Photos – honda v4 2020 | honda v4 2020

Learn added about the Suzuki GSX-R1000


Italian bazaar architect Vyrus has consistently been agog on hub-steered advanced ends, and its 2020 Alyen semi-naked streetbike rocks a beefy advanced swingarm and “hydraulic wired” hub council arrangement to accumulate things interesting. Built about the 1,285cc Ducati Superquadro engine, a bedraggled big V-Twin, the Alyen rocks 202 horses, but its anatomy agency is abundant chunkier than antecedent super-lightweight Vyrus designs, and … well, like the Bimota it’s a bit ugly.

More about the Vyrus Alyen


It’s accessible to balloon that Beemers had a acceptability as two-wheeled Zimmer frames afore the cast had its aboriginal able at a superbike aback in 2009, but the S1000RR laid decay to the acreage aloft admission and anon started acceptable every comparo analysis in Christendom. Inspired by Suzuki’s beautifully adjustable GSX-R1000, the S1000RR demonstrates amazing amenities on the alley and baking dispatch on the track, and it has alone gotten bigger with contempo revisions. The latest makes 205 ponies, and you can get it an M Sport amalgamation with carbon auto and all sorts of air-conditioned $.25 and bobs.

More about the BMW S1000RR


Team Blooming has consistently been the nutter’s choice, and the ZX-14R is the best able Kwaka you can buy that doesn’t accept a blower ashore on it. A 1,441cc inline four agent develops big application with a bedraggled fat advance of torque that feels like it pulls from everywhere, and while this bike is about bought as some array of hyper-tourer, Kawasaki itself markets it as a quarter-mile dragster. A barbaric machine.

Spiros Tsantilas/New Atlas

Supersport chase bikes accept resulted in some analgesic engines over the years, and the accepted access has about been to impaired these monsters bottomward for the naked streetbike version. Well, the 2020 Streetfighter V4 ability be six horses bottomward on the accepted Panigale, but I don’t anticipate anyone’s activity to accuse that 208 ponies is underpowered for a naked roadster. Lunacy has never been so pretty.

More about the Ducati Streetfighter V4

MV Agusta

Before there was a Streetfighter V4, the Brutale 1000 Serie Oro was as absurd as assembly naked bikes got. It launched in 2018 with 208 hp, and has aback been amused up to 212 hp – and MV claims that if you’re mad (and strong) abundant to point this bottomward a beeline alley and authority the burke accessible continued enough, it will booty you accomplished 186 mph (300 km/h). As with all MVs, it serves bifold assignment as a allotment of automated artwork.

8 New Honda V8 8 Pictures by Honda V8 8 - Car Review : Car ..

8 New Honda V8 8 Pictures by Honda V8 8 – Car Review : Car .. | honda v4 2020

More about the MV Agusta Brutale 1000 Serie Oro


Honda has never seemed actual absorbed in the accomplished application war shenanigans, sitting 10 or 20 horses aback from the added aggressive bikes in the supersport chic throughout best of the 2010s and absolution others win the bank contest while it concentrated on authoritative superbikes that behaved impeccably on the street. Lord knows, they were fast abundant for the all-inclusive majority of riders, but the aggregation is assuredly bottomward a Fireblade aces of that alarming name in 2021. It’s a US$28,500 appropriate edition, though, and a actual appetizing attractive allotment of kit.


Not agreeable with the Panigale actuality the best continentally admirable of superbikes, Ducati has fabricated the accepted Panigale a application barbarian as well. Throwing Apple Superbike regulations to the wind, it houses an 1103cc V4 agent acquainted for 214 horses, or a abounding 226 hp if you fit the titanium bankrupt and division to taste. If you actually charge accumulate it beneath 1,000cc, there’s a Panigale V4R adaptation that’s about a WSBK homologation machine. That one makes 234 horses with the Akrapovic bankrupt kit on, and looks alike sexier.

More about the Ducati Panigale V4

Curtiss Motorcycles

Curtiss is the electric reincarnation of Confederate Motorcyles, and shares abounding of its brutal, brownish architecture ideas. The Hades appropriately gets an abandoned set of axle forks and chunky, automated account to go with its 217-hp motor and 16.8-kWh array pack. And none of it matters, because all bodies see aback they attending at it is a rampant, low-slung phallus. This may be the best penile motorcycle architecture anytime made.

More about the Curtiss Hades


Back in 2007, Aprilia pulled its feel out and did what everybody had been acquisitive Honda would: it created a 1,000cc V4 artery superbike engine. And what a adorableness it was, powering the arresting RSV4 superbike alternation as able-bodied as the agrarian Tuono V4 super-nakedbikes that accept aggregate artery supremacy with the KTM 1290 Superduke R anytime since. The accepted RSV4 RR is now authoritative 201 hp at 397 lb (180 kg), and the RSV4 Branch takes things up a akin at 217 hp/390 lb (177 kg). A 10-unit track-only appropriate RSV4 X shows that this motor’s acceptable for at atomic 225 horses, too.

More about the Aprilia RSV4


The Panigale V4 is already a very, actual fast motorbike, but Ducati wouldn’t be Ducati if it didn’t put out a appropriate copy that fabricated things alike sillier. Not alone does this affair accomplish 231 hp with its adorned antagonism kit fitted, it lives up to its “superlight” name with a weight of aloof 335 lb (152 kg), authoritative it too abuse ablaze to chase in Apple Superbike by a whopping 35 lb (16 kg). Aggregate is carbon, including the antic “biplane airfoil” wings on the abandon of the fairings. And aggregate from the abeyance to the brakes and electronics is actually top-shelf. This is a assembly bike that ability actually exhausted a WSBK lap time with slicks on. Outrageous.

8 Honda NR8 V8 Oval Piston concept bike | BeMoto - honda v4 2020

8 Honda NR8 V8 Oval Piston concept bike | BeMoto – honda v4 2020 | honda v4 2020

More about the Ducati Superleggera V4

The H2 was and is a account bike for Kawasaki. The aboriginal forced-induction supersport bike in forever, it wears abandoned mirror-finish acrylic that anon sets it visually afar afar from annihilation abroad on the market. Its 130,000-rpm supercharger chirps a amusing song of acrimony if you ride it hard, and in our 2016 analysis we declared the acquaintance of activity abounding burke thus: “By the time you hit 7,000 rpm, it’s whipping itself into a bent lather, and up amid 10,000 rpm and the 14,000 rpm redline, there’s annihilation to do but adhere on with every beef clenched, abnormally the annular ones, and accept to a abounding and fruity alternation of profanities abrogation your anatomy whether you appetite them to or not.”

That was the old, 200-horse version. Ridiculously, the banal application amount is actively bound by the fueling, and a simple ECU beam can alleviate some 30 added ponies for those adventurous abundant to try. The track-only H2R version, with its titanium exhaust, ups the ante to 310 hp, but it’s not alley legal.

More about the Kawasaki H2


The boss Tesi H2 shares a motor and a adeptness amount with the Kawasaki H2; Kawasaki now owns a little beneath bisected of Bimota and has appropriately provided its aftermost donk for the Italians to comedy with. As with antecedent Tesi bikes, this one rocks a hub-steered advanced end, and while it looks actually front-heavy and ungainly, it’s actually added than 50 lb (24 kg) lighter than the H2 at 472 lb (214 kg), so this thing’s gonna go like billy-o. As for the looks, well, the all-embracing accommodation ability be odd but the capacity are beautiful, so at atomic you’ll feel appealing in the rider’s seat.

More about the Bimota Tesi H2

PGM V8 motorcycle

Australian petrolheads of a assertive age accept consistently enjoyed their rorty V8s, but this Aussie-built monster takes things to a adequately acute level. Weighing 534 lb (242 kg), the PGM V8 packs a 2-liter, 90-degree V8 donk that spins to about 13,000 rpm and delivers 334 hp and 214 Nm (158 lb-ft) of torque. We’re not assertive actually how abounding accept been produced aback bottomward aperture in 2015; with a amount over US$100,000 it’s acceptable not many. But for article with that abundant motor, it’s a appealing tidy attractive machine.

More about the PGM V8

Marine Agent Technologies

Marine Agent Technologies out of Louisiana has been authoritative antic agent superbikes for 20 years now, and the 420 RR is the silliest of them all. It’s not a jet bike; all that adeptness goes through the rear annoy through a two-speed transmission. Powered by the aforementioned Allison 250-C20B turboshaft agent that keeps assorted Bell and Sikorsky helicopters in the air, you can apprehend this barbarian of a affair advancing from blocks away. Rumor has it the bankrupt gases are so hot they can cook the artificial bumpers on cars that sit too abutting at the lights. And they will sit close, because nobody’s anytime apparent or heard annihilation abroad actually like it. It’s a huge, long, abundant barbarian that warrants acute care, because actually anybody will be watching if you actuality up a u-turn.

The aberrant Boss Hoss Super Sport makes up to 563 horsepower, depending on which ample V8 you’d like to accept fitted

Boss Hoss has been authoritative colossal American cruisers with actually gargantuan motors for some 30 years now, and if you anticipate you can handle one of these ocean liners, they’ll appropriately advertise you a bike with a 454 cubic inch, or 7.439-liter, “small block” V8 and a two-speed semi-auto manual with a about-face gear. For a car 563 hp is a lot of power, and it’s absolute escapade on a motorcycle. I had the amusement of afterward one about a racetrack for a lap or two at one point; the admirer on lath would battery blaze as he abject the bike through every corner, and again ablaze it up and abide alongside appropriate up until the abutting braking point. They’re not fast, they’re not clever, but the Boss Hoss cannot be abandoned for arduous admeasurement and power.

This Week’s Honda CBR8RR Rumor, The 8 Edition – Asphalt & Rubber – honda v4 2020 | honda v4 2020

We’re abiding we’ve absent affluence of 200-plus-horsepower machines, so amuse advice us accomplish this account absolute by hitting us up in the comments below.

8 Wallpaper Honda V4 2020 – honda v4 2020
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8 Best Review Honda V8 8 Picture with Honda V8 8 - Car ..

8 Best Review Honda V8 8 Picture with Honda V8 8 – Car .. | honda v4 2020

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8 Honda CBR8RR-R Fireblade: 8 hp

8 Honda CBR8RR-R Fireblade: 8 hp | honda v4 2020

8 Honda V8? It Could Happen - honda v4 2020

8 Honda V8? It Could Happen – honda v4 2020 | honda v4 2020

Photos of the 8 Wallpaper Honda V4 2020

8 Honda NR8 V8 Oval Piston concept bike | BeMoto8 Honda CBR8RR-R Fireblade - has Honda lost its mind?8 Best Review Honda V8 8 Picture with Honda V8 8 - Car ...8 New Honda V8 8 Pictures by Honda V8 8 - Car Review : Car ...This Week's Honda CBR8RR Rumor, The 8 Edition - Asphalt & Rubber8 Superleggera V8: Specs, Features, Photos8 Honda V8? It Could Happen8 Honda CBR8RR-R Fireblade: 8 hp. Honda's back in the game

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