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With 53 Formula 1 wins to his name so far, Sebastian Vettel has produced some of the greatest best drives. Here is how his best of the best clarify down

Visiting Brackley: Inside Mercedes-AMG F7 HQ - The Formula 7 Girl ..

Visiting Brackley: Inside Mercedes-AMG F7 HQ – The Formula 7 Girl .. | mercedes f1 factory tour 2020

Sebastian Vettel will apparently leave Ferrari at the end of the 2020 division afterwards abacus a Formula 1 apple appellation to the four he took at Red Bull.

Being usurped by Charles Leclerc is conceivably an abhorrent way for the German’s time with the acclaimed Italian aggregation to end, but Vettel has still been one of F1’s brilliant performers of the accomplished decade.

By the end of 2019 he had racked up 53 victories, abundant to put him third on the best list, abaft alone his hero Michael Schumacher and his battling Lewis Hamilton. It now seems a acceptable time to aces out the finest of those victories, 38 denticulate with Red Bull and 14 with Ferrari (not apathy his abandoned success for Toro Rosso).

When advancing up with this list, we looked at Vettel’s acquaintance at the time, the accouterment at his disposal, the challenges he faced on any accustomed weekend, and the attributes of his success.

Red Bull RB7GP start: 79GP win: 21Started: 1st

“It was Vettel’s best absolute achievement of the season,” reckoned Autosport afterwards the Red Bull disciplinarian took pole, fastest lap, led every lap and achievement at the new Buddh circuit.

“It was as absolute a affirmation of the antagonism driver’s art as he’s anytime produced.”

It was archetypal Red Bull-era Vettel. He fabricated a apple-pie alpha from pole, collection a superb aboriginal lap to break out of danger, kept anybody out of DRS range, afresh controlled proceedings.

Only Jenson Button’s McLaren kept him in sight, finishing 8.4 abnormal behind. Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari beyond the band 24.3s afterwards the Red Bull.

Even his aggregation couldn’t apathetic him bottomward at the end, Vettel authoritative abiding he anchored fastest lap on the final two times by. Rarely has such ascendancy been matched.

Red Bull RB9GP start: 118GP win: 37Started: 2nd

Vettel was baffled to pole by team-mate Mark Webber, but he affective the advance at the alpha and congenital a big advantage while the added Red Bull battled to acquisition a way by Nico Rosberg’s Mercedes.

What was decidedly absorbing was Vettel’s adeptness to lap rapidly while attractive afterwards the brittle Pirellis. “He has aloof stepped up addition cleft recently,” said Red Bull bang-up Christian Horner. “His feel for the tyres while activity so bound is remarkable.”

Vettel additionally backward out best than best of his rivals. “Even as all the added two-stoppers came in and changed, he was activity way faster on his actual old softs than anyone could adjure from their beginning mediums,” said Autosport.

“He was aloof in a absolute place, in a area attenuate alike for him.”

When he did stop he was able to acknowledge still in the lead.

Webber accent the RB9’s clip by advantageous Rosberg for second, but he still accomplished added than bisected a minute abaft his team-mate. “Seb was aloof on a altered planet to the blow of us today,” he admitted.

Ferrari SF-15TGP start: 141GP win: 40Started: 2nd

“Ferrari is back” claimed Autosport magazine’s awning as Vettel denticulate the Italian team’s aboriginal win of the turbo amalgam era in alone his additional chase in red.

Vettel had accomplished a characterless year in 2014, his final Red Bull division memorable abundantly for his thrashing at the easily of Daniel Ricciardo, and Ferrari was a poor fourth in the constructors’ table. It did not assume a bout fabricated in heaven, during a aeon of Mercedes domination.

But third aboriginal time out and a abutting additional in condoning at Sepang showed Ferrari had fabricated big progress. And afresh Vettel exhausted Hamilton’s Mercedes in the race.

Poleman Hamilton led Vettel at the start, with the Ferrari still abutting aback Mercedes absitively to pit both cars during an aboriginal assurance car period. That handed Vettel acute clue position.

Even added important was the Ferrari’s bigger tyre wear, which accustomed Vettel to stop twice, admitting the Mercs of Hamilton and Rosberg were both on three-stoppers. The Silver Arrows artlessly could not accomplish up the time, with Vettel alike casual Hamilton on-track at one date aback they were out of sequence.

A Day of Collaboration with Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport, Team ..

A Day of Collaboration with Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport, Team .. | mercedes f1 factory tour 2020

“This looked like the Sebastian who won four afterwards apple championships for Red Bull,” said Autosport afterwards the Ferrari’s 8.6s victory. “He accomplished his chase to perfection.”

Red Bull RB9GP start: 114GP win: 33Started: 1st

This was one of the Vettel-Red Bull package’s best days. Already Rosberg’s claiming at Turn 1 had been dispensed with, Vettel controlled the race.

After two laps Vettel was 4.1s bright and he was 11s advanced aback Ricciardo comatose his Toro Rosso and brought out the assurance car.

There were 31 laps of the 61 to go aback the assurance car pulled in and Vettel anon unleashed absurd pace. He was 3.2s advanced afterwards one aerial lap, 5.6s afterwards two and 8.3s afterwards three – the capital ambition actuality to cull abundant of a advance for the Red Bull to pit and still acknowledge advanced of fifth-placed Alonso’s Ferrari, which was not accepted to stop again.

Vettel’s clip was absorbing abundant that he was able to stop with 17 laps to go and still absorb the lead. His allowance over additional man Alonso at the banderole was 32.6s, his fastest lap a accomplished additional bright of the field.

“The Singapore clue appear the Red Bull RB9/Sebastian Vettel combination’s abounding abeyant for conceivably the aboriginal time this season,” said Autosport.

“As a absolute amalgamation they were actually devastating.”

Ferrari SF71HGP start: 208GP win: 51Started: 2nd

Vettel and Ferrari won 10 contest during their 2017 and 2018 appellation fights adjoin Hamilton and Mercedes, but few were as hasty as this one. And Vettel had to accomplish a backward canyon to defended victory.

The fast sweeps of Silverstone had advanced played to Mercedes’ strengths – Ferrari had been thrashed the year afore – but an advancement fabricated the SF71H aggressive and it took a appropriate Hamilton lap to abjure Vettel pole by 0.044s.

Vettel fabricated a accomplished alpha to advance into Abbey, crucially actuality advanced of the agitation that abundant at the Village right-hander aback Kimi Raikkonen spun Hamilton around.

While Hamilton started a accretion drive, Vettel congenital up a gap over the Mercedes of Valtteri Bottas. Tyre abrasion and thermal abasement were apropos and Vettel had to antithesis attractive afterwards the elastic with befitting a allowance over Bottas.

With the chase cautiously poised, Marcus Ericsson comatose his Sauber and acquired a full-course yellow. Now strategies diverged – Vettel came in, while both Mercedes backward out, handing Bottas the advantage.

Vettel’s affairs of abduction the advance aback were bargain aback Carlos Sainz and Romain Grosjean clashed anon afterwards the restart. Aback that blend was austere up, there were aloof 11 of the 52 laps remaining.

Bottas initially seemed a boxy nut to able – captivation off a Vettel advance about the alfresco at Brooklands – admitting his ageing average tyres, but the Ferrari’s newer bendable elastic gave Vettel the edge.

Then, on lap 47, Vettel bent Bottas off-guard with a late, adapted advance bottomward the central into Brooklands. It was a basic move that accustomed Vettel to booty the chequered banderole 2.3s advanced of Hamilton.

“I was able to chase alike admitting he had the apple-pie air, but it was added difficult the afterpiece I got,” explained Vettel.

“The final move, I was able to abruptness him. I thought, ‘I accept to go for it’ because the best I spent abaft him the added I was disturbing with my tyres.”

There were too abounding occasions in 2018 aback Vettel came off second-best in wheel-to-wheel fights, but the Silverstone chase was a admonition that, aback on top form, he can accomplish the moves that win races.

Red Bull RB6GP start: 62GP win: 10Started: 1st

With two circuit (and 50 points) larboard of the 2010 campaign, Vettel was alone fourth in the drivers’ standings, 25 abaft Alonso. Achievement in Brazil confused Vettel to third, but he was still 15 abaft Alonso and seven abaft Red Bull team-mate Webber.

Vettel pipped Hamilton to pole by 0.031s in Abu Dhabi and captivated off the McLaren into the aboriginal corner. Hamilton kept Vettel beneath pressure, but aback they emerged either ancillary of cartage afterward their alone stops, achievement was all but bankrupt for Red Bull.

Visiting Brackley: Inside Mercedes-AMG F7 HQ - The Formula 7 Girl ..

Visiting Brackley: Inside Mercedes-AMG F7 HQ – The Formula 7 Girl .. | mercedes f1 factory tour 2020

Vettel angry his agent bottomward and came home 10.2s bright afterwards a chase that becoming him a 10/10 in Autosport’s disciplinarian ratings.

That achievement should apparently accept been a ballsy abortion – accomplishing aggregate he could to defended the appellation but missing out due to others abaft accomplishing what they bare to do. But they didn’t.

Webber had alveolate aboriginal (lap 11 of 55) and Ferrari reacted by bringing Alonso in to awning him four laps later, assured the frontrunners to chase clothing acknowledgment to tyre degradation. But already the graining appearance was over, the leaders were able to access their clip and break out.

That alone the Spaniard abaft Vitaly Petrov’s Renault, which had chock-full during an aboriginal assurance car period, and meant Alonso was accessible to actuality jumped by afterwards stoppers. For the remained of the race, Alonso could not canyon Petrov, which meant the Ferrari alone accomplished seventh, with Webber additionally ashore aloof behind.

The aftereffect was that the arrive Vettel exhausted Alonso by four credibility and Webber by 14 to defended his aboriginal apple title. Autosport declared it as “one of the sport’s abundant upsets”, but Vettel had played his allotment in a arresting finale.

Red Bull RB7GP start: 67GP win: 14Started: 2nd

A amazing alpha accustomed Alonso to booty the lead, but his Ferrari was boilerplate abreast fast abundant for the home hero to sustain his challenge. Added important was that Vettel jumped team-mate and polesitter Webber.

The top four – Alonso, Vettel, Webber and Hamilton – bankrupt abroad and it became bright that the timing of pitstops would be crucial. Red Bull alleged Vettel in early, acceptation he emerged abaft Button’s McLaren.

Crucially, Vettel bound begin a way by Button, and Felipe Massa’s Ferrari. Not actuality able to do additionally afresh amount Webber as Hamilton jumped him afterward his stop.

“Yes, Vettel had a anchor advantage on his newer tyres but this was still impressive, acute stuff,” said Autosport report.

At the additional annular of stops, Vettel assuredly overcame Alonso by endlessly a lap earlier. But Hamilton, active longer, additionally got advanced of the Ferrari already he assuredly came in and the McLaren was a blackmail to Red Bull, decidedly as Vettel’s KERS was intermittently overheating.

Hamilton bankrupt in. At half-distance, the gap was aloof 1.2s and Vettel anon came in for his third stop. The McLaren chock-full a lap afterwards and 2.7s afar them with 30 laps to go.

Although Hamilton bankrupt afresh and activated pressure, Vettel was according to the task. “He was actually absolute in his defences, accepting beforehand been acute in attack,” reckoned Autosport.

“He placed his car aloof area he bare it, and showed admirable judgement in afraid the allurement to avert aback Lewis was abutting but not absolutely abutting enough.”

It was the aforementioned adventure afterwards their fourth and final stops, Vettel assault Hamilton by 0.6s.

Red Bull RB7GP start: 75GP win: 18Started: 1st

“How slowest car won fastest race,” was Autosport magazine’s coverline. Active college levels of downforce at Monza gives a faster lap time, but teams tend to shy abroad from it because it can leave cars accessible to actuality overtaken about the accelerated venue.

Such was Vettel’s confidence, he was able to run a accoutrement and abbreviate top accessory that fabricated him about 20km/h (12mph) bottomward on the straights and still authorize on pole by 0.45s. That meant he was college in the rev ambit afterwards DRS and Vettel appropriately won the race, afterwards affairs off a accomplished canyon on Alonso’s antagonistic Ferrari.

Alonso had jumped Vettel at the start, aloof afore the assurance car was alleged for a first-corner smash. At the restart, Hamilton’s McLaren was crucially jumped by the Mercedes of Michael Schumacher, while a lap afterwards Vettel got a run on Alonso departure the aboriginal chicane.

Through the apace Curva Grande Alonso larboard aloof abundant allowance on the outside, Vettel demography a compression of grass to accomplish it by. “Even Fernando must’ve been afflicted by that one,” reckoned our report. “It fabricated you wince aloof watching.”

With the McLarens of Hamilton and Button – potentially the alone cars with the clip to claiming – ashore abaft Schumacher, Vettel pulled clear. He remained advisedly for the blow of the 53-lap race, advancing home 9.6s bright of Button, who had assuredly fabricated it into additional on lap 38.

“Maybe Seb would accept been able to exhausted the McLarens regardless,” wrote Autosport’s Mark Hughes. “But we’ll never know. It’s not his problem, and it was addition absolute performance.”

“A achievement aces of Ayrton Senna at his best,” added Autosport’s disciplinarian ratings.

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Factory Tour | Marriott Bonvoy Traveler - mercedes f1 factory tour 2020

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Factory Tour | Marriott Bonvoy Traveler – mercedes f1 factory tour 2020 | mercedes f1 factory tour 2020

Red Bull RB9GP start: 117GP win: 36Started: 1st

There were times during the Red Bull-Vettel era aback the charge to attending afterwards the Pirelli tyres hid some of the combination’s advantage. That was absolutely the case in abounding 2013 races, but in Buddh Vettel was able to use the bendable tyre to booty pole by a massive 0.752s and the more-durable average elastic to win the chase by about bisected a minute.

The alone affair was that the bendable tyres Vettel had to alpha on were alone acceptable for a scattering of laps. Vettel alveolate from the advance at the end of lap two of 60 and that meant he emerged in traffic.

Helped by a best top accessory and beneath addition than originally planned, Vettel stormed up the field, accepting collapsed briefly to 17th.

By the end of lap 13 he had answerable up to third and Vettel overcame Sergio Perez’s McLaren for additional eight tours later.

“Vettel fabricated abounding use of DRS to canyon bodies every lap, anxiously ensuring that he came aloft them at aloof the appropriate moment and not in the fast, no-passing average allotment of the lap,” wrote Hughes in our report.

When team-mate Webber – on a altered action but clumsy to cut through cartage in the aforementioned way – pitted, Vettel confused aback to the front.

Webber retired with alternator abortion at two-thirds distance, abrogation Vettel with a big advantage. Admitting axis his KERS off as a precaution, he took the chequered banderole 29.8s bright of second-placed Rosberg.

“A adverse achievement won through sheer, pummeling, adamant pace,” said Autosport. It was a applicable way for Vettel to defended his fourth apple title.

Toro Rosso STR3GP start: 22GP win: 1Started: 1st

Vettel absolutely became a bigger disciplinarian afterwards 2008, but it’s the affairs of the win – his inexperience, the unfancied car and the catchy altitude – that drag this chase in our list.

Toro Rosso’s 2008 division was absolutely one of its best, but alike so the aggregation aforetime accepted as Minardi was a credibility scorer rather than a belvedere contender.

Rain during condoning at Monza accustomed Vettel to accomplishment the Ferrari-engined STR3 and he took a awareness pole. It was still wet appear chase day, but the apprehension was that the quicker cars – such as Heikki Kovalainen’s McLaren starting on the advanced row – would prove too able over the 53 laps.

The chase began abaft the assurance car and Vettel captivated the advance from Kovalainen aback things got appropriately beneath way. And he pulled clear.

It was “a case abstraction in wet-weather accuracy in the beautifully counterbalanced Toro Rosso,” according to Hughes. “Vettel was active with a abundant audacious abandon, as if he had annihilation to lose, sliding about aloof as he had in qualifying.”

Vettel survived a agrarian moment aboriginal on and still led afterwards the aboriginal annular of stops. Kovalainen looked beaten, but his team-mate was addition matter.

At half-distance, Vettel had the yet-to-stop Lewis Hamilton in his mirrors, the McLaren man charging afterwards starting 15th.

Then Hamilton alveolate and put on added ‘extreme wets’, McLaren anticipating added rain. This was a acute moment. If it rained again, Hamilton could break on those tyres to the end while Vettel bare addition stop.

But the rain backward away, banishment Hamilton to pit afresh for intermediates, abrogation Vettel to accomplish his appointed additional pit appointment afterwards accident the lead.

He came home 12.5s bright of Kovalainen to become F1’s youngest champ at that time. And Toro Rosso took its aboriginal – and so far alone – win afore Red Bull’s ‘A-team’.

“Without Sebastian in the car this win would not accept been possible,” said Toro Rosso’s abstruse administrator Giorgio Ascanelli.

“It was an absurd day, with a amalgamation that wasn’t declared to be abutting to the podium,” said Vettel years later. “I’m acutely appreciative to accept been allotment of that phenomenon day.”

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