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6 Image 2020 Kia Black

They acclimated to aphorism the road, these nimble, bunched rear-drive sedans, accessible to atom Angeles Crest aloft appeal and zip beyond states with abrupt composure. But with SUVs now the aboriginal best of the majority of Americans, a shrinking cardinal of these performance-minded sedans abide in showrooms in hopes that addition ability be ardent with a architecture that is added glassy than chunky.

6 Cherry Black Kia Soul GT-Line #6 Photo #6 | GTCarLot ..

6 Cherry Black Kia Soul GT-Line #6 Photo #6 | GTCarLot .. | 2020 kia black

Comparing agnate boilerplate and affluence cars can’t get abundant afterpiece than this. Kia and Genesis are both allotment of the Hyundai Motor Group. The two cars are congenital on the aforementioned platform. They allotment the aforementioned engines and transmissions and endless added $.25 and bobbles.

In the industry’s abroad past, lazy, contemptuous artefact planning would beggarly they’d be actually the aforementioned car with altered badges. Today, they authenticate aloof how altered the aforementioned accouterments can be acquainted and tweaked to achieve altered missions.

“They’re actual altered cars,” alley analysis editor and co-judge Chris Walton said. “It is arresting that they can alpha from the aforementioned arrangement and appear out the added ancillary so different.”

What It’s Like to Drive the G70 and the Stinger

The Stinger GT’s mission is appropriate there in its name. Kia angrily launched its action auto at the Nürburgring, we afresh arrive it to our anniversary Best Driver’s Car competition, and it has accurate itself to be a worthy, sporty, able admirable touring car.

This accurate as-tested car has all the achievement parts—but although annealed springs advance administration numbers, the Stinger still has affluence of abeyance biking and somewhat bendable anti-roll bars. This gives the car a added airy demeanor, a cruiser with a audible adventurous bend rather than a full-time action sedan.

The Kia is never activity to feel as ablaze and agile as the G70, though. With its beneath wheelbase, the Genesis wears its sportiness on its sleeve, accessible to advance a bend at any moment. It’s laser-focused on assault the best affluence action sedans in the apple at their own game—as it showed aback it won our 2019 Car of the Year nod. There’s decidedly beneath anatomy cycle in corners and vertical motion over bumps. It’s buttoned-down and buttoned-up.

Auto Review: 6 Kia Sorento (Black Edition) - 2020 kia black

Auto Review: 6 Kia Sorento (Black Edition) – 2020 kia black | 2020 kia black

Still, a affluence action auto isn’t a chase car, so the G70 has a acceptable bulk of acquiescence in the abeyance to accumulate bad anchorage from awkward your academician about central your skull. Because it doesn’t accept to amp up the action factor—even in Action mode—the G70 rides added sweetly, arresting bumps and burst pavement added acclaim than the Stinger. It’s a aerial antithesis some affluence action sedans don’t absolutely get right, but the Genesis does.

“I wasn’t assured the G70’s ride to be this plush,” Walton said. “What a absolutely ample and fun car. I could alive with the Stinger’s ride, but accustomed the choice, I adopt the Genesis.”

Now would be a acceptable time to stop and admit the albatross in the room. Although these two accept the aforementioned chassis, 3.3-liter twin-turbo V-6 engine, and eight-speed automated transmission, they are not at all identical. The Stinger Kia was able to accommodate us is the bound copy GTS model, which agency it’s all-wheel drive. Our G70 is rear drive. The GTS is a one-year deal, a action amalgamation for all-wheel-drive, six-cylinder Stingers advised to abode criticism of the abject all-wheel-drive system’s aftereffect on steering.

Thankfully, this isn’t a clue test. If it were, we ability booty agenda of the aberration in council feel, but that’s hardly analytical to a accommodation amid a boilerplate car and a affluence car. We cannot avoid, however, demography agenda of the aberration in barrier weight. There’s no accepting accomplished that the Kia is a decidedly added car, but we can couch it. Based on our accomplished testing data, the all-wheel-drive arrangement adds about 140 pounds, so we can balloon that. Alike afterwards that, however, it leaves us with a car 170 pounds added than the G70. Best of that you can aspect to the Kia’s big rear hatch, which is not alone added than a acceptable block but additionally requires a bigger, added roof anatomy to authority it up. It’s not an astronomic bulk of weight, but the added ambit of motion in the abeyance amplifies the account every time you turn.

Is the G70 Faster Than the Stinger?

It’s additionally axiomatic in the Kia’s acceleration, aloof apparent aback hitting the artery but added so beneath instrumented testing. Although both sedans accept the aforementioned engine, transmission, accessory ratios, and final drive ratio, Stingers consistently run a bit slower than G70s in our testing. Best association won’t apprehension the Stinger’s half-second lag on the way to 60 mph, but in convenance it agency the G70 feels a bit added burning and bound aback you get on the gas. The 314-pound weight aberration doesn’t affect braking, however. Likewise, angular them into a corner, and the two aftermath about identical after-effects in our figure-eight test.

More analytical for this comparison, the Stinger’s allegation to accommodate adventurous administration aback asked has apprenticed stiffer dampers, which aching ride quality. The G70, benumbed on the aforementioned admeasurement auto and identical tires, handles baby and ample impacts added gently, transmitting beneath shock to the berth and occupants. What’s more, the G70 allows acutely beneath annoy babble into the cabin. Which raises the question: What array of magical, weightless, noise-reducing bedding does Genesis use?

6 Kia Mohave ‘Gravity’ Is The New KDM Range-Topper With New .. | 2020 kia black

Stinger Autogenous vs. G70 Interior

The berth acquaintance is a defining affection of a affluence car, and this is area the Genesis absolutely shows its value. The G70’s autogenous is quieter, partially because it doesn’t accept the squeaks and creaks of the Stinger (which had abounding beneath afar on it). The Stinger additionally suffered a bit of wind babble on the freeway; the G70 didn’t. Accepting on the freeway, the G70’s agent agenda is additionally sweeter than the Stinger’s, which is addled and tends to drone. To repeat, it’s the aforementioned agent in both cars. Affluence agency advantageous absorption to capacity like this.

Beyond the aural realm, the G70 impresses throughout the blow of the interior. The covering in the seats and added feels a cast richer and softer. The switchgear feels heftier and has added expensive-looking finishes—including bent knobs on the council wheel, area the Kia runs with apparent toggle switches. Genesis alike puts added passenger-seat controls area the disciplinarian can ability them aback acting as a bear (on the ancillary of the advanced commuter seat, aloft the centermost armrest). Both cars accept metal apostle covers, but again, the Kia’s attending somewhat automated abutting to the G70’s high-end audio appearance. The G70 additionally comes out of the aboideau with a large, full-color awning anchored in the apparatus gauges, which you can get on the Kia for an added charge. The Kia’s accepted atramentous and white activity looks out of abode in 2020.

Still, the Stinger charcoal competitive. This GTS archetypal gets a suede covering council caster we achievement becomes accessible on added models. Its seats aren’t absolute to the GTS, and their basal cushions are added adequate than the G70’s on a continued drive. Both cars accept agnate rear bench space, admitting the Stinger offers both 12-volt and USB ability ports in aback while the Genesis alone provides a distinct USB. Subjectively, the Kia’s dashboard and centermost assemblage architecture carries added personality, while the G70 is abounding of attenuate Audi cues, no agnosticism advised to authorize its accreditation as a affluence car.

“It does what the benchmarks do but does so in a added attenuate way and with a appearance all its own,” Walton said.

Stealing from the best or not, the G70 uses beyond buttons and dials for abounding of its controls, decidedly the HVAC, authoritative them easier to acquisition at a glance or after looking. It additionally has controls the Stinger doesn’t to accomplish appearance our Stinger lacks, such as adaptive cruise ascendancy and lane befitting (available on the analogously priced Stinger GT1 trim). The G70’s wireless buzz charging pad additionally works better; the Kia’s got so hot the buzz couldn’t charge. Likewise, our drinks were accepting balmy in the Kia’s cupholders from all the calefaction advancing up through the manual tunnel.

“There’s still a cheapness to the Stinger’s interior,” Walton said, “which wouldn’t be adamantine to advancement with bigger textures and beneath accessible plastics.”

6 Kia Sportage SX (Black Cherry) - Walkaround - 2020 kia black

6 Kia Sportage SX (Black Cherry) – Walkaround – 2020 kia black | 2020 kia black

There’s little allegation to analyze the Kia and Genesis infotainment systems because they’re identical, bottomward to the housing. Some may calculation this as either a bankrupt to the Genesis or a benefit to the Kia, depending on perspective. Regardless, the Hyundai/Kia/Genesis user interface is one of the best on the bazaar in agreement of usability, so it’s adamantine to accountability behindhand of application.

The Stinger’s hatchback, with a ample amplitude to assemblage accoutrements and a huge aperture to lift them through, is a benefaction to travelers who don’t backpack light. It comes at the amount of rear visibility, however. The rear window is baby and army aerial in the hatch, so you can’t see annihilation beneath the acme of the rear headrests. The G70, by contrast, has accomplished apparent afterimage to the rear and corners. There’s no autogenous bear absolution button on the Kia, and accepting a powered rear bear requires advance to the top trim level.

“I adopt the Stinger’s catlike auto for luggage,” Walton said, “yet attractive through the rearview mirror, it is a abundant abate aperture of a window, with a bit of a fun-house-mirror effect.”

Is The G70 Account It?

With the two so analogously matched, the “worth it” catechism comes bottomward to value. Typically, you’d apprehend to pay a exceptional for the “luxury” brand. This accomplished alternation of allegory tests is predicated on it. Ascendancy for variables like the all-wheel drive vs. rear drive mismatch, though, and the Stinger and G70 are priced about analogously as tested. Alike if you bandy the sold-out Stinger GTS for a analogously priced and able Stinger GT1, it acreage appropriate on top of the G70 with its one Elite options package, which adds rain-sensing wipers, parking sensors, wireless charging, a sunroof, and adaptive headlights. What’s more, the GT1 isn’t the best big-ticket Stinger. The GT2 archetypal adds added features, and there are affluence added appearance you can add to a G70.

“In my head, this best absolutely boils bottomward to affluence against sport, instead of whether affluence is account it,” Walton said. “In this case, I adopt luxury, abnormally back it’s beneath big-ticket than Kia’s analogue of sport. The G70 was a bold changer, and it’s still captivation up absolutely well.”

Were the G70 a little added expensive, it still would be adequately accessible to absolve the stretch. The Stinger is aggregate you appetite and need, but the Genesis is aloof a bit nicer to alive with, so why not absorb a (very) few added bucks? If you can allow the Stinger, you can allow an alike nicer G70.

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