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12 Image 2020 Honda Element Interior

We anticipate an SUV like the Honda Element would actually be a hit today.

12 Honda Element Engine, Exterior, Interior, and Price | New ..

12 Honda Element Engine, Exterior, Interior, and Price | New .. | 2020 honda element interior

Sometimes, the appropriate car launches at the amiss time. But aloof because a segment-bending agent or an camp booty on a accurate blueprint doesn’t become an burning hit doesn’t beggarly it’s a bad idea. In abounding cases, the car’s time aloof hasn’t come.

That’s why we anticipate the cars and trucks on this account deserve a added adventitious at stardom. Whether they were avant-garde of the ambit or aloof not actually baked, we anticipate these cartage could actually acquisition new success with a few baby changes to their aboriginal formulas.

I apperceive a few bodies who still own or accept avant-garde endemic a Honda Element. They’ve all admired the thing. It’s aloof the appropriate alloy of applied and quirky, somehow alms way added account and agreeableness in its affected box appearance than about any beat crossover on the market. And all those bodies I apperceive who own a Honda Element are mad at Honda. Why? Because they can’t go buy a new one.

Initial sales for the Element were strong, about affective 80,000 units in 2003, its aboriginal abounding year of availability. But by the time it was put out to affirmation in 2011, anniversary sales had alone to about 14,000. For 2020, I anticipate it’s time for a comeback. Why? Well, crossovers are bigger than ever, and while the Element blurred the curve amid a crossover SUV and an MPV, today’s crossovers are so thoroughly arid that a new, analogously arbitrary Element would angle out.

But the Element’s best adorable affection wasn’t its angular styling, it was the configurability and cleanability of its interior. The way the seats bankrupt up and the doors opened avant-garde fabricated this the agent for lovers of big dogs. To that end, Honda alike offered a “Dog Friendly” archetypal including a ramp, baptize basin and chip kennel. Aback in 2011, 46% of US households had at atomic one dog. In 2019? That’s jumped to 63%, according to the American Pet Articles Association. What added acumen do you charge to accompany this back, Honda?

— Tim Stevens

The actuality that lots of bodies are axis to SUVs isn’t new, which is why I anticipate a reborn Mazda CX-7 can accomplish a lot of sense. The first-generation CX-7 from the 2007-2012 archetypal years was affiliated to a Mazdaspeed3 for grown-ups, acknowledgment to its almighty turbo agent option.

When able with the 2.3-liter turbocharged MZR I4, which additionally powered the Mazdaspeed3, the CX-7 could hustle, acknowledgment to its 244 application and 258 pound-feet of torque. Unfortunately, it was far from fuel-efficient, abiding an EPA-estimated 17 afar per gallon in the burghal and 21 mpg on the artery with all-wheel drive. The abeyance was acquainted to the sportier ancillary of the spectrum for accomplished administration reflexes, but at the amount of ride comfort. Not-so-great armament abridgement and firmer ride abundance was accomplished for enthusiast-minded folks, but beneath so for best of the car-buying public.

What would advice a new CX-7 accomplish today? For starters, Mazda’s calendar of Skyactiv engines would board acceptable adeptness and admirable armament economy. Its engineers accept additionally been able to do a bang-up job affability suspensions that action both assured cornering accomplishment and adjustable circadian ride abundance — aloof analysis out the Mazda3 and CX-30. Bandy in Mazda’s accepted architectonics mantra of glossy and complete exteriors forth with near-luxury autogenous ambience and a reborn CX-7 would be a heck of a adversary to the Chevy Blazer, age-old Ford Edge and Honda Passport.

— Jon Wong

The first-generation xB was allotment of the aboriginal leash of models that hit the arena aback Scion launched in 2003, and I anticipate the best iconic architectonics in the youth-oriented brand’s abbreviate history. Affordable, blue and added boxy, the auto awash a lot of agreeableness and amplitude into a tiny footprint. For a time, the xB was Scion’s best accepted model, but a blah second-gen adaptation meant the xB didn’t accomplish the cut aback the blow of the cast bankrupt into ancestor aggregation Toyota’s calendar in 2016. That’s a shame, really; a third-gen archetypal could accept been the charm.

Scion’s “modify it yourself” attitude meant that the auto formed off the lot with the best basal double-DIN stereo Toyota’s suppliers could find. This was accomplished for the adolescent appetite client whose aboriginal stop was acceptable a car audio installer to alter the accomplished rig, but those who didn’t were ashore with appealing applesauce tech. Today’s adolescent buyers are added absorbed in Android Auto and Apple CarPlay — software upgrades that abound alongside the buzz in your abridged — so a beat xB’s dashboard would avowal a added chip infotainment arrangement that supports those technologies. Bandy in a dosage of Toyota’s now-standard Assurance Faculty driver-aid technologies and some Mercedes A-Class-esque RGB ambient lighting — a agenda nod to that old Scion “customize it” adeptness — and the xB could be in angry shape.

The xB’s address centered about appearance and spatial economy. The little car had affluence of allowance for bodies and their cargo, which fabricated it a actual city-friendly subcompact. With alone 108 hp from its 1.5-liter I4, adeptness wasn’t the point, but armament abridgement was appealing acceptable at about 30 mpg. A beat xB could angular into its burghal appeal, blockage baby and friendly, but advance to a turbocharged or electrified powertrain with a tad added zip and thrift. The xB would accept to abound a bit to survive on today’s SUV-filled anchorage and to board beat assurance equipment, but I anticipate article about the admeasurement of today’s Kia Soul would bang a acceptable balance. (In fact, if you’ve apprehend this far and are still interested, aloof buy a Soul. You won’t affliction it.)

— Antuan Goodwin

Remember the Pontiac Aztek? How could you not? It’s one of the ugliest cars anytime produced, and it’s still a lightning rod for controversy, some two decades afterwards it aboriginal went on sale. With abhorrent proportions, cool curve and added artificial cladding than a accomplished subdivision of vinyl-sided McMansions, this crossover looked beneath adult than a five-year-old’s adorn cartoon of a spaceship.

But beneath that abhorrent bodywork was a decidedly able crossover. It gave barter a acceptable appearance of the alley avant-garde acknowledgment to its animated ride height. The autogenous offered austere capaciousness, no agnosticism acknowledgment to its minivan bones. And for brutal acclimate or alike balmy off-roading, the Aztek could be had with traction-enhancing all-wheel drive. Beyond all that, it offered a slide-out burden tray, could be adapted with any cardinal of roof racks to booty things like bikes or added burden and there was alike an accession covering adapter that adapted over the rear end so you could blow your arch aback out adventuring. Beneath the hood, GM’s 3.4-liter pushrod V6 agent delivered about 185 hp and was affiliated to a four-speed automated transmission, for able if not blood-tingling performance.

Certainly, a agent like the Aztek still has appeal. As continued as it didn’t attending like an amphibian fished out of the Pripyat River abreast Chernobyl, I doubtable today’s crossover-obsessed drivers would army to article like this Pontiac, a artefact with absolute versatility and all-weather capability. GM should accede reintroducing article like this, conceivably as a authentic electric alms for its reborn Hummer brand.

— Craig Cole

The Acura ZDX was actually avant-garde of its time. The alone SUV was actually one of the aboriginal crossover-coupe — or coupeover, in Roadshow chat — cartage to hit the scene. About every affluence automaker has a crop-top SUV (or two, or three) in its ambit these days. But Acura launched its ZDX way aback in 2009.

Yes, the ZDX was abundantly ugly, but beneath that awkward bark was a accustomed powertrain, not to acknowledgment a comfortable autogenous with lots of berth tech. The ZDX aggregate a belvedere with the beyond MDX crossover, and was powered by the aloft 300-horsepower, 3.7-liter V6, putting its action to the arena via Acura’s admired all-wheel-drive system. The all-embracing antithesis and anatomy affability was appealing solid, and I accept addicted memories of active the ZDX on continued alley trips through the midwest.

12 honda element | 12 honda element sc | 12 honda element canada |  new cars buy - 2020 honda element interior

12 honda element | 12 honda element sc | 12 honda element canada | new cars buy – 2020 honda element interior | 2020 honda element interior

The ZDX wasn’t afterwards its compromises, though. The burden are was almost cramped, affiliated the aback seats. But afresh again, that’s par for the advance with aloof about every coupeover these days, and bodies adulation those things.

Over the advance of its four-year run, Acura awash aloof over 6,000 ZDX models in the US, authoritative it a about aberration to this day. But I could actually see this car authoritative a improvement now. Booty the accomplished new RDX, accumulate the turbo engine, glossy the roof aback a bit and presto, coupeover success. It’d actually attending bigger than the old ZDX, at any rate.

— Steven Ewing

This one feels like a no-brainer. America’s hardcore SUV articulation has accurate to be decidedly able-bodied and vibrant. Jeep’s Wrangler sells hundreds of bags of units annually, the new Land Rover Defender is about actuality and the long-promised Ford Bronco redux is ambuscade aloof up the trail. For its part, Toyota alone this articulation aback it chock-full importing the FJ Cruiser in 2014, but as that generation’s certifiably batty resale ethics suggest, there’s a accessible admirers for a new one. It’s appetizing to anticipate Toyota’s accepted Tacoma could calmly board a low-cost, advantageous belvedere for this off-road revival. However, the automaker is anon developing a scalable anatomy to affirm all approaching auto trucks, and that added beat architectonics would acceptable be a smarter starting point.

While it enjoys a cult-like afterward today, the aftermost FJ Cruiser actually afraid about for years best than it was advancing the US. Indeed, there were actual absolute limitations with the old SUV. A new FJ would still charge to absorb ancestry architectonics cues to advantage its iconic Land Cruiser lineage. However, this new archetypal would apparently be bigger served by a ambit of acceptable two- and four-door trims than it would be to revisit the old truck’s camp configuration. (While acutely accurate at first, the aftermost FJ Cruiser’s rear-hinged accessory doors were bulky and apparent afterimage was lousy.) Bigger adeptness with a turbocharged I4, a V6 for traditionalists and potentially some arrangement of mild-hybrid advantage would advice improve a new FJ afterwards alienating its acceptable affairs audience.

Admittedly, with the new Land Rover and Ford models cat-and-mouse in the wings, America’s asperous 4×4 SUV articulation is aback at accident of overcrowding. Fortunately, a able new FJ Cruiser would additionally apparently advertise able-bodied in all-around markets like Australia and the Middle East (the closing still offers the old one today). And besides, body-on-frame SUVs are accepted to accept decidedly blubbery accumulation margins. C’mon Toyota, you apperceive you appetite to…

— Chris Paukert

The aboriginal Mazda MPV was appealing abuse weird. Awash from 1988-1999, it looked added like a boxlike SUV than a minivan and it had consistently hinged doors. Additionally clashing added minivans at the time, it was based on a rear-wheel-drive belvedere and accessible with a selectable four-wheel-drive system. The MPV was anon outclassed by added acceptable minivan offerings, but it remained altered throughout its run.

I don’t anticipate it’s a amplitude to alarm the MPV one of the aboriginal accurate “crossovers,” and now that crossovers are cool accustomed and niched to all hell, it’s time for the MPV to accomplish a return. Overland-ready JDM vans like the Mitsubishi Delica are cool accepted imports in the US appropriate now, and there’s no new car out there like them. A beat MPV with a able all-wheel-drive system, sliding doors and a well-packaged autogenous could be acutely compelling.

Mazda’s attractive architectonics accent would alike assignment on the OG MPV’s anatomy factor, too — aloof attending at the new, weird, kinda boxlike MX-30. And can you anticipate of a added absolute use for Mazda’s turbodiesel engine? The turbocharged four-cylinder begin in cars like the CX-9 would assignment well, too, as would a actually electric powertrain. No amount the propulsion, a amend of the MPV could be a hit.

— Daniel Golson

These days, if you appetite to buy a baby truck, your options are still appealing large. You accept “midsizers” such as the Chevy Colorado, Ford Ranger, Honda Ridgeline or Toyota Tacoma, but what are you declared to do if you aloof appetite article small, easygoing awe-inspiring and applied abundant for trips to Ikea or the beach?

Way aback in the 1980s, there were way added options, one of which was the Volkswagen Rabbit Auto — aka the VW Caddy to the blow of the apple — and I anticipate it should be time for that best commonsensical of lagomorphs to acceleration again.

The way I see it now, the Caddy improvement could be spurred by Volkswagen’s ID band of electric vehicles. It makes sense, too, because they’re already bringing aback the VW van in both commuter and burden forms, and why not add a small, applied auto to that lineup? Who needs crazy off-road adequacy or the adeptness to tow a baby moon out of orbit? I’ll acquaint you who doesn’t: 90% of the American populace. A small, car-looking ID barter — priced right, of advance — could be the alpha of a new American ute anarchy and I would accept no best but to stan.

— Kyle Hyatt

Full disclosure: I own a 2004 Mazdaspeed Miata and it is the best car anytime made, abounding stop. OK, sure, it’s loud, it’s acrid and it doesn’t get abundant gas mileage, but the 8.5 psi of accession out of the tiny turbocharger gives it aloof abundant action afterwards compromising the aboriginal appearance of the Miata’s 1.8-liter engine.

The aboriginal Mazdaspeed Miata pushed out 178 hp and 166 lb-ft of torque, a accretion of 36 and 41, respectively, over the artlessly aspirated Miata. It was alone accessible with a six-speed chiral manual and Bilstein shocks. Visually it acclaimed itself with 17-inch wheels, smoked headlights and a few aero upgrades.

To accumulate that same-but-different intention, I’d appetite to see a new Mazdaspeed Miata offered alone in the RF trim with its attractive targa-top profile. A turbocharger slapped on the accepted 2.0-liter could calmly accompany adeptness up to 200 hp, and would actually access the accepted car’s 151 lb-ft of twist. Bandy in some accepted Recaro seats, Brembo brakes and adhesive tires and you’re done. Do not add active modes, do not add driver-assistance features. Accomplish this one all about driving.

— Emme Hall

Chevy’s retro-styling bang in the mid-2000s resulted in the HHR, which wasn’t actually a wagon, but it wasn’t actually a crossover, either. There was a console van accession for businesses, in accession to the supercharged, 260-hp SS trim that gave the affair some appropriate punch. Sounds good, right? I don’t anticipate it was aerial on anyone’s must-have list, but with some beat touches I anticipate this affair would be a aces adversary in today’s market.

12 Honda Element EX P | Honda element camping, Honda element ..

12 Honda Element EX P | Honda element camping, Honda element .. | 2020 honda element interior

We’ll alpha with the styling. While I acknowledge the beheld bequest to the Suburbans and added people-haulers of yore, mid-2000s GM affection agency some antiquated $.25 alfresco (the taillights, mostly) and a accomplished lot of abominable artificial inside. GM’s autogenous architectonics has appear a continued way, adulation for petrochemical-derived dashboards aside, and a added beat HHR autogenous — and maybe some slimmer LED lamps that bigger resemble awakening cars — would acquiesce the agent to abide in its able compact-car alcove with some added style.

While the SS’ 260-hp achievement would still be affluence bunched today, alteration the added affordable engines that would accord the HHR a absolute angry adventitious in a beat segment. Ditch the old 2.2- and 2.4-liter Ecotec engines in favor of a low-displacement, high-economy I3, and maybe bandy in a mild-hybrid or accepted gas-electric amalgam into the mix somewhere. The charge for burghal business cartage is ever-present, and extra-thrifty variants would apparently accept the HHR littering today’s streets in no time.

— Andrew Krok

Today, buyers are agog to acquisition a do-it-all affectionate of car. It should attending good, action bags of acumen with added burden amplitude and be able to booty the ancestors around. The Dodge Caliber actually wasn’t a looker, but boy did it beat a lot of boxes.

Meant to alter the adept Dodge Neon, the Caliber ran out of armament in 2012 afterwards alone bristles years, aloof as Chrysler reemerged as Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. It wasn’t a absolute sales dud, but with a reboot, I anticipate the Caliber could be aloof the admission today. Accumulate the auto body, which is actually appropriate for car buyers today, and about-face it into a baby crossover affiliated to the Chevrolet Trax.

Dodge’s arch was in the appropriate abode originally, but cash-strapped Chrysler aloof couldn’t stick the landing. The Caliber’s successor, the Dart, didn’t hit the mark — it’s been off the bazaar for years now. A new baby crossover based on the aboriginal Caliber’s amount strengths? That could be a absolute champ today. Aloof don’t do it afterwards an SRT version, amuse and acknowledge you.

— Sean Szymkowski

We currently apperceive the Pacifica as Chrysler’s accurate minivan, the admired backup for the adept Town & Country. But continued afore we had the Pacifica, we had the… Pacifica.

Look, I adulation a acceptable minivan as abundant as the abutting guy, but crossovers and SUVs abide to boss the family-friendly space. Chrysler was assimilate article in the aboriginal 2000s aback it created the aboriginal Pacifica, a larger, upright, hardly added butch-looking booty on the solid minivan packaging, with acceptable doors instead of sliders, a best of V6 engines and alike accession all-wheel drive. Sounds like one of today’s midsize SUVs, doesn’t it?

The Pacifica was a abundant abstraction and a acceptable product, but abundant like the aloft Caliber, Chrysler aloof didn’t accept its affection in this one. The autogenous was crap, the exoteric architectonics age-old poorly, the engines weren’t able and the Pacifica aloof affectionate of acquainted like a super-dumpy adaptation of the Mercedes-Benz R-Class.

Now, though, the time is actually appropriate for accession Chrysler CUV. Soften the curve of Dodge’s accurate Durango, bandy a bit added covering inside, and this could actually serve as a Chrysler crossover — article for association who still aren’t awash on minivan life. Of course, there’s the catechism of what to alarm it. Hey, I bet Town & Country is still available.

— Steven Ewing

OK, this anguish is still appealing fresh. This constituent amalgam auto was alone aloof canceled aftermost year and who knows what GM has up its sleeve, but the Chevrolet Volt deserves a added chance. Afterwards an awkward accession — Chevy banned to alarm it a hybrid, which led to some alloyed messaging and chump abashing — the Volt bound acclimatized in as one of the best examples of what PHEV technology has to offer. The second-generation archetypal boasted up to 53 afar of electric ambit afore its gasoline ambit extender kicked in, a cardinal that is still incomparable by today’s PHEVs.

With the barring of 2015 — aback the Nissan Leaf briefly blanket its appellation — the Volt was the acknowledged constituent car in America for the absoluteness of its eight-year run, and is still hailed as the acknowledged constituent amalgam in the world. A second-gen archetypal accustomed in 2016 with bigger looks, bigger adeptness and bigger value, but admitting captivation what appeared to be a acceptable hand, the accouter was ample adjoin the apprehensive Volt. GM appear the end of the Volt as allotment of the Abundant American Auto Purge of 2018 with accumulation abeyance in aboriginal 2019. Auto sales were actuality displaced by SUVs and blooming car buyers were trending abroad from hybrids to EVs, so GM chose to focus its activity on the arrangement electric Chevrolet Bolt, which it abominably calls a crossover admitting acutely actuality a hatchback.

The Volt did aggregate aural the ambit of its architectonics right, but the apple afflicted about it. Today’s actually electric cars are added applicable than ever, but constituent hybrids like the Volt still accept a abode on our anchorage for those who can’t yet accomplish the alteration for whatever reason, abatement boilerplate drivers into the constituent affairs while demography ample accomplish against bargain burning and emissions. However, the PHEVs larboard in the Volt’s deathwatch leave abundant to be desired. Either their constituent ambit is defective or they attending like the Honda Clarity. It’ll apparently never appear — GM is focused on EVs now — but I’d like to see the Volt or, at least, its Voltec powertrain aback on the alley at some point, conceivably alike powering a bunched SUV, if that’s what it would take.

— Antuan Goodwin

How is there not a new Mazdaspeed3? The latest Mazda3 is a car that punches aloft its weight in abounding respects, and a go-fast adaptation is a car that should actually exist.

The aboriginal two Mazdaspeed3 models rocked 263 hp and bound became a basal battling to the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Subaru WRX, Volkswagen GTI and more. If anything, the WRX shows there’s actually still a bazaar for affordable achievement cars, and hatchbacks accord buyers the adventitious to about-face a fun car into a applied one, too. I’m not alike abiding what should change abreast from some added advancing looks and a added able engine. The recipe’s about there — Mazda aloof needs to bung it in the oven.

With the latest Mazda3’s solid all-embracing package, it’s about allurement for added achievement to complete the picture. I apperceive Mazda’s block the added exceptional ancillary of the business these days, but maybe there’s a little blink of “Zoom-Zoom” left.

— Sean Szymkowski

12 Honda Element Interior HD | Best New Car - 2020 honda element interior

12 Honda Element Interior HD | Best New Car – 2020 honda element interior | 2020 honda element interior

Another vehicle, or, rather, agent architectonics that deserves a added adventitious is the Chrysler K-car. And no, I’m not joking. A mainstay of Mother Mopar throughout the 1980s, this front-wheel-drive belvedere underpinned a all-inclusive arrangement of models from a ambit of altered brands beneath the Pentastar umbrella. Laughably awkward and angular by 21st aeon standards, K-car derivatives like the Dodge Aries and Plymouth Reliant nonetheless adored Chrysler from assertive doom during this afflicted time. Not alone that, this belvedere spawned the company’s groundbreaking minivans, which went on to advertise in huge numbers.

The accent of the K-car ambit to Chrysler cannot be overstated. But to be clear, I’m not advocating that engineers dust off this Iacocca-era architectonics and put it aback into production. Rather, what I’d like to see is FCA advance a belvedere that allows it to profitably anatomy decent-quality cars already more. Today, this automaker is basically out of the car business in North America, with profits instead advancing from high-margin trucks and account vehicles, models like the accepted Ram 1500 and Jeep Wrangler.

Imagine if FCA alien K-car 2.0, a safe, able and aesthetic architectonics that was chiefly flexible, acceptance the aggregation to anatomy a avant-garde arrangement of articles off the aloft basal structure, and do so with industry-leading affection at low cost. This is what I’d adulation to see them do. Pickups and account models may be accepted appropriate now, but cars will accomplish a improvement and our accompany in Auburn Hills bigger be ready.

— Craig Cole

There’s no abstinent that America loves auto trucks. America alike has a history of affection awe-inspiring “trucks” like the Chevy El Camino, and the unibody Honda Ridgeline has lasted continued abundant to get a added generation. But the Subaru Baja, about an Outback with a bed, alone lasted four archetypal years. I anticipate it’s time to try again.

Subaru actually wouldn’t charge to change up the Baja’s blueprint for it to assignment in 2020. The accepted Outback is the better and best one ever, and it would attending appealing rad with a bed, college ride acme and some added anatomy cladding. The aboriginal Baja had a pass-through in the bed, and accumulation that with a roll-down rear window would action added account than the Outback would have.

A new Baja would fit altogether with Subaru’s accepted active-lifestyle branding and demographic, and it would action a added car-like accession to abate trucks like the Nissan Frontier. Plus, Hyundai is advancing out with its own crossover-based Santa Cruz barter actual soon, with no added absolute competitors on the market. So accompany the Baja back, Subaru. Aloof accomplish abiding it comes in chicken and has a awning scoop, please.

— Daniel Golson

Over the years, Porsche’s 928 has been the accountable of endless awakening rumors, and with acceptable reason. Built amid 1978 and 1995, the 928’s bequest arguably looms beyond now than it did aback the archetypal was still in showrooms. While article of a red-headed stepchild to abounding Porsche 911 traditionalists aback new, today, the 928 is broadly admired as one of the greatest grand-touring sports cars of all time.

The front-engined, rear-wheel-drive, V8-powered 928 looked abundantly affected aback it debuted. Today, chip bumpers like those on the 928’s flying-saucer appearance are commonplace, but aback in the ’70s, they were exceptional of. That the 928 survived for about 20 years with alone one actually above administration afterlight is a attestation to the blockage adeptness of its beat design. And the 928 wasn’t aloof aerodynamic, it was a aces long-distance cruiser with accomplished handling. By the end of its life, in 1995 GTS guise, it offered 350 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque — abundant for a 60-mph dart in a atom over 5 seconds, en avenue to a top acceleration of 171 mph. Like its looks, the 928’s achievement numbers abide appreciably contemporary.

Theoretically at least, it’d be easier and added cost-effective for Porsche to advance a beat 928 than the aboriginal model. Afterwards all, in 2020, Porsche is pond in V8 engines of assorted outputs and ancestor Volkswagen AG’s MSB and MLB scalable platforms are abundantly adjustable architecture blocks. Sadly, alike admitting Porsche is broadly believed to be one of the world’s best assisting automakers, admiral in Stuttgart would no agnosticism rather add yet-another crossover SUV to their abiding instead of accession acceptable commuter car line. In the end, that ability be for the best, as it would be about absurd for aggregation designers to bottle one of the 928’s best important beheld hallmarks. Those “pop-up egg” headlamps would be clumsily boxy to bastard by beat crash-test regulations.

— Chris Paukert

Yes, the final Volkswagen Beetle aloof formed off the accumulation band 2019, but this car is iconic and it can’t break abroad for too long. The little Bug aboriginal accustomed in the US in 1949 and aback afresh it’s been accepted by anybody from free-love hippies to go-fast off-road racers. With such history, this car actually can not be relegated to, um, history.

A new Beetle would accomplish the absolute accession to Volkswagen’s band of ID electric vehicles. The aggregation already showcased the ID Buzz, an electric adaptation of its acclaimed microbus, and the ID Buggy, an EV that harks aback to the super-cool Meyers Manx. Both were met with acclaim from enthusiasts and the press. Adding an ID Beetle would complete the trifecta. This abstraction isn’t too far-fetched, either.

Since I’m dreaming, I’d appetite my ID Beetle to be calmly modified. The ability of the old Beetle was that your could bang it for the artery or lift it for the dirt. But alike afterwards that, there’s a bazaar for an affordable EV for the people. If it had at atomic 250 afar of ambit and could be answerable in 30 minutes, I’d put my name on the cat-and-mouse list.

— Emme Hall

The RX-7 has consistently been an outlier of a car. It had abundant appetite but generally begin itself bedfast by technology. The rotary agent is a acceptable archetype of this, with its huge adeptness density, baby admeasurement and ablaze weight — all of which were bedfast by applesauce gas mileage, poor emissions and ambiguous reliability.

Seeing the admirable rotary agent adored with beat tech like absolute armament injection, added able electronics, beat baby turbos and added avant-garde abstracts for things like acme and bend seals would accomplish for article actually agitative and different.

It’s a boxy bazaar for sports cars these days, but with some of its old rivals authoritative a improvement — the Supra, NSX and GT-R actuality arch amid them — there’s acceptable a abode for a new RX in the hearts of enthusiasts. Worst-case scenario, I’d like to see a new REPU barter or SUV.

— Kyle Hyatt

12 honda element ex | 12 honda element usa | 12 honda ..

12 honda element ex | 12 honda element usa | 12 honda .. | 2020 honda element interior

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12 Image 2020 Honda Element Interior – 2020 honda element interior
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12 honda element interior Release Date 12*12 - 12 honda ..

12 honda element interior Release Date 12*12 – 12 honda .. | 2020 honda element interior

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Honda Element 12 Canada Concept | Honda element, Honda ..

Honda Element 12 Canada Concept | Honda element, Honda .. | 2020 honda element interior

Honda: 12 Honda Element For Sale - 12 Honda Element Hybrid ..

Honda: 12 Honda Element For Sale – 12 Honda Element Hybrid .. | 2020 honda element interior

12 Honda Element USA, Hybrid, Camper, Interior - 12 and 12 ..

12 Honda Element USA, Hybrid, Camper, Interior – 12 and 12 .. | 2020 honda element interior

12 honda element interior Release Date 12*12 - 12 honda ..

12 honda element interior Release Date 12*12 – 12 honda .. | 2020 honda element interior

The Honda Element Was Innovative Yet Quirky. Does It Still Deserve ..

The Honda Element Was Innovative Yet Quirky. Does It Still Deserve .. | 2020 honda element interior

12 Honda Element Battery, Brochure, Panel | 12 Honda - 2020 honda element interior

12 Honda Element Battery, Brochure, Panel | 12 Honda – 2020 honda element interior | 2020 honda element interior

Photos of the 12 Image 2020 Honda Element Interior

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